Administrators, Regional and Divisional Teams are facing unprecedented demands from performance expectations, staffing challenges, employee engagement concerns, occupancy fluctuations, not to mention managing the patient and family experience. The goal of working with Samantha Jones Consulting is to identify specific behaviors in leaders and teams that, with improvement, will create more time for leaders to focus on what is important – delivering optimal care and increasing the bottom line.

We help them improve quality outcomes, increase revenue, and reduce turnover among administrative leadership. We provide all the tools needed to:

  • Executive / Regional Teams
  • Administrators / Executive Directors
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Owners/Board of Directors

Areas We Serve

At Samantha Jones Consulting, LLC, we serve clients nationwide.

Why Choose Samantha Jones Consulting?

Samantha Jones brings over 17 years of experience leading teams to positive outcomes in the complex and constantly evolving world of post acute care. Samantha has always been passionate about helping individuals and businesses maximize their potential. With a foundation as a clinical counselor, Samantha seamlessly transitioned from healthcare administration to leadership roles and executive coaching. Samantha is able to help executives and teams achieve measurable results. At Samantha Jones Consulting, our mission is to help post-acute care providers:

Samantha Jones