Meeting Future Business Objectives

Our Professionals

At Samantha Jones Consulting, our professionals take up both on-site and remote assessments to identify challenges and develop customized approaches.

Our team also develops tools that allow clients to achieve long-lasting success and meet current and future business objectives. Our seasoned educators guide and train on critical topics related to your clinical, financial, and business needs.

Samantha Jones Consulting, LLC


Samantha Jones Consulting’s offer various consulting packages from one-time individualized strategy sessions to on-going on-site or remote consultation.

  • Consulting on a federal or state regulatory visit
  • Identifying issues causing low occupancy and developing a response plan
  • Addressing next steps for unresolved team dynamics that are affecting performance

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching allows a confidential, high impact session with leaders, Meetings are typically bi-weekly one hour sessions and packages include:

  • Individualized assessments to identify strengths and opportunities in various leadership domains
  • 360 Assessment
  • Email support between sessions

Group Coaching

Includes 8 weekly video sessions with cohort that focuses on various challenges post-acute leaders face and equips them to identify solutions to: Improve occupancy, Leverage their team, Improve Efficacy, and Increase net margin.

  • Group meetings of up to 8 individuals in similar leadership roles
  • Unlimited Emails support
  • Includes 45 minute individualized calls prior to group coaching sessions