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Positioned for Promotion


NAB Approved 3.0 CEUs $99

Positioned for Promotion is a CEU that reviews key leadership topics and provides tangible, usable tactics that Licensed Nursing Home Administrators, Executive Directors and Clinical Leaders can implement with the goal of: creating more time in their day to work on their business, improve KPIs, and position themselves for regional or other leadership roles.

During this three hour session, attendees will learn how to:

  • avoid overwhelm
  • build and leverage a strong leadership team
  • strategize on targeted KPIs to produce outcomes
  • to create more time in their day to focus "on" the business instead of being "in" the business.

Led by Samantha Jones, who has over 8 years of Regional Operations experience in Post Acute Care and over 18 years experience in leadership roles, Samantha shares strategies and tactics she used to be promoted to Regional roles. Whether an individual is looking for further career advancement or to improve outcomes in a current role, Positioned for Promotion will provide tangible tactics, interventions and resources that a leader can use to move the needle in their community.

This is a live, in person, interactive workshop.

Wednesday April 20, 2022
8:30 AM - 11:45 AM

​Hyatt Place/The Colony
5200 Memorial Dr
The Colony, TX 75056
(Right behind Top Golf)


New Leader Six Week Group Master Mind

New Project

Price: $349 $299 if registered prior to Jan 31, 2021

Six week (live) virtual series for new Executive Directors, Nursing Home Administrators and Leaders in Post Acute Care. Small group weekly interactive sessions where leaders receive mentoring and skills to move the needle in their business.

Six week series includes:

  • Weekly interactive meetings with other new leaders, facilitated by Samantha Jones who has over 20 years experience in Post Acute Care Leadership
  • Private facebook group for group members to share ideas, challenges, etc
  • One hour private coaching/strategy session
  • NAB Approved CEUS

Leadership Fundamentals
During this module, leaders will identify basic fundamentals that are required of a leader in order to successfully move the bottom line. This includes: assessing one's own strengths and liabilities and learning to leverage and manage them effectively;
using emotional intelligence skills to engage a team; and how to lead with a strategic focus.

Building the Bench
In this complex environment of Post Acute Care, having a strong bench is vital to any leader's success. Here we will address how to recruit top management and leverage own's current team while keeping staff engaged.

Strategic Planning
From moving occupancy to managing a Quality Assurance initiative, here leaders will learn how to create a strategic plan to
effectively achieve goals or improve systems.

Building Occupancy
Revenue enhancement is crucial for leaders to be successful. In this session, participants will identify key strategies to build occupancy, improve relationships with referral partners and leverage their own team to have a 'sales focused' culture.

Time Management
We all have the same 24 hours in any given day. Here, leaders will learn how top performers effectively manage their time and projects, while learning tactile ways to create more time in their schedule.

Avoiding Burnout
Post Acute Care is a high-risk environment for burnout. In this session, leaders will identify what burnout is and effective ways to prevent burnout for themselves and their team.

March 10, 2022